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Roca Dubal The Roca Dubal is the standard model in our sectional aluminium radiator range. Special attention has been paid to the design, since this doubly aesthetic formula is presented for the first time. One side which brings together the classic appearance of the aluminium radiator with the front openings of high thermal output and another which reproduces the elegant lines of a sophisticated European design. Available in a range of heights and widths to suit any heating requirement. Carat This is just about the most discreet wall mounted radiator you can buy. For the true minimalist, Carat is the ultimate in clean lined elegance. Its flat panel simplicity will suit any contemporary setting from the modern apartment to the art gallery or high tech office. This tough, hardwearing heat emitter has a strong geometric form which complements efficient and uncluttered environments, and provides an impressive heat output.

There are a wide range of models in the Carat range, giving the interior designer the maximum scope for positioning the radiator in keeping with the room’s overall décor. Triple, double and single radiator versions are available, in four heights; 250, 400, 550 and 950mm. Lengths start at 405mm, and go up to an amazing 3005mm long, achieving versatility not normally associated with minimalist radiators in this price bracket.

Top grilles and welded side panels on the doubles add to the strength, ease of cleaning and overall streamlined appearance.
Matrix Matrix radiators are a post modern range of flat fronted heat emitters designed for commercial and domestic applications. The Matrix portfolio consists of vertical and horizontal models together with a low line, high output convector designed for use as a perimeter heater in heavily glazed applications such as conservatories and reception areas. Available in four connection sizes and in many single and double panel and fin configurations, the Matrix is a truly versatile heat emitter with a variety of applications. The Licon OR Heating Register

The Licon OR heating register is the heart of all Licon convectors. However, its use is much broader. It is suitable for individual installation, especially in places that require interior compactness of materials used. Following certain conditions, it is thus possible to cover the Licon OR heating registers with almost any material, smoothly incorporating them into various spaces.

Heating benches Licon OL/D

Heating benches Licon OL/D is a variant of Licon OL convector. It is a heating bench with cover plate; Designed to be used as a seat making it convenient for swimming pools, bathrooms or in corridors.

Licon PK ConvectorLicon PK convector is intended for floor embedding, especially in places where higher elements cannot be used, e.g. by French windows, passages to winter gardens, hall entries, exits, etc., in both public buildings (car showrooms, halls, galleries) and family houses. Various colour versions of convector cover grids then ensure their applicability to any interior.
Heating benches Licon OLHeating benches Licon OL can be used in places with lowered window sills, near glass faces, etc. Wide range of versions and outputs enables them to be placed in any room type, without interfering with the interior compactness. A variant of Licon OL convector is a heating bench with OL/D cover plate; it can bear a common static load, and is thus convenient for sitting by the swimming pools, or in corridors. Wall Licon OK Convectors

Wall Licon OK convectors are common wall convectors with long history; they have been used in households, as well as in public and industrial premises. Their modern design, simple assembly, and effective operation ensure their long lasting popularity with our customers. The unique design of their heat exchanger enables them to produce higher output, despite the small size of the element.

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