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Radiators Accessories

A range of accessories are available for your radiators to complete the look.


From white-chrome- gold and a range of colours between. We supply a range of valves from the traditional to the ultra modern. You can also choose to have automatic temperature control buy using a TRV valve.


belgravia valve chartwell valve radius valve solar valve  
belgravia valve Angled Valves
Pipe Covers & Shrouds

Designed to hides the unsightly copper pipe on your radiators and give a neat look to your flooring. Most of the styles available can be added after installation of the radiators.


gold sleeving kit pipe covers      
Electric Elements

Elements are available for towel-rails and selected radiators to electrify for heating when a plumbed radiator is not an option. They can also be added to towel-rails for duel operation during warmer month when your central heating may be turned off.


belgravia valve thermostatic electric element basic electric element    

Towel Bars & KnobsAdd to selected radiators and towel-rails to allow for airing of towels without blocking in your heat.


radiator knobs towel bar towel knobs  

Automatic Air ventThese allow for easy venting of radiators without the need for a bleed key.


automatic bleed valve      


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