Heating Distributors Stove Fire Accessories

Stove Accessories

Ash Caddy

Designed to safely transport warm ashes from stoves and fires for disposal.

Ash Clean

An attachment for your vacuum cleaner to clean out ashes from your stove and fires for disposal.

Choice Tools

One style in a list of many designs for use with stoves and fires.

Eco Logs

Designed to use in your stove. These logs are compress sawdust reformed to make use for waste product to heat your home.

Flue Pipe

A range of flue pipe to suit gas and solid fuel. Single & Twin wall flue available in both rigid & flexible flue. Single wall flue for use within your home can also be gotten to match most stoves in our range.


Designed to protect while you load your stove. A vital accessory for all solid fuel homes.

Glass Hearth

Hearths for your stove are available in a variety of materials and sizes. This glass options give a very clean modern look while still allowing you floor to be seen.

Log Carrier

One in a range of carriers to aid in the transport and storage of fuel for your stove.

Loop Log Storage

A contemporary design in log display for you room. One of a range available.


A device to attach magnetically to your exposed flue pipe. This will give you a visible indicator showing if your stove is being run at the correct temperature. Correct running temperature can help to extend the life of you stove.


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