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Sustainable Heat Pumps

The Trianco Activair ASHP (Air source heat pumps) offers a competitively priced alternative to ground-source heat pumps. These can be prohibitivelyTrianco Activair Heat Pumps expensive, involving the cost and disruption of burying pipes in the ground or higher costs associated with sinking a borehole!

Trianco Activair domestic ASHPs are available in 3kW, 5kW and 12kW versions. Units are quickly and easily installed in loft spaces, garages or even externally – generally in half a day – and can be around four time as efficient as a gas or oil boiler; it is capable of supply all of a family’s hot water needs. Larger commercial scale outputs are also available ranging from 18kW to 72kW.
It has been calculated that air source heat pumps operate at efficiency between 270% and 370% - or, in winter, for every 1kW of energy used to drive the pump, 2.7kW of useful heat is obtained. Even higher efficiencies can be achieved during warmer months.

Trianco Air Source Heat Pumps Trianco Activair Air Source Heat Pumps  

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