Chimney Solutions

Most gas & solid fuel appliances require a chimney or flue pipe to remove smoke or flue gases.

In houses where a chimney exists, this normal does the job. However, even a perfectly built chimney cannot be guaranteed.

Conditions around the chimney or flue can affect its performance. Taller buildings, coastal areas, mountains, exposed properties, height issues, opening size & trees can all cause problems with draft within the chimney or flue.

When the chimney or flue doesn’t perform correctly, smoke or fumes come back into the room.

Most of these issues can be corrected with the use of cowls or fans. Fans can be used on gas fires & stoves, open solid fuel fires, solid fuel/ wood burning stoves & cassettes.

There are also a range of fans for use on boilers, pizza ovens, pellet stoves, bars, restaurants & BBQs.

The fans are typically a guaranteed solution based on a completed appraisal form.

Appraisal form Boilers & Water Heaters
Appraisal Form for Fireplaces, Stoves & Cookers