Italkero Falo Evo Outdoor Heater

The Italkero Falo Evo Outdoor Heater is a wonderful outdoor garden furniture, a patio heater with a visible flame creating a glamorous atmosphere.

Many models for all aesthetic requirements: silver, black, cor-ten and your favorite colors.

The radiant heating flow along the glass tube.

Smart operation, structured with stainless steel and aluminum, anti tilting device of wind and flame ionization control.

anti scratch feet, fixed wheels (optional), for fixing belt every LPG cylinder, LPG and natural gas.

Keep your warm outdoors, elegant and attractive. Choose Falò EVO.

This is the original luxury patio heaters, copied in various forms and styles of manufacturers worldwide. Our three-sided pyramid patio heater started a new generation of patio heaters

Category: Outdoor Fires